Cutting Aces Holiday Giveaway! Rules & Info

The Violent Life Podcast is having its second and now annual giveaway! We’re having a draw for a copy of the Cutting Aces PDF through DriveThruRPG. It’s not much but we like to give back what we can to the community around this time of the year.

I’m tracking entries for the draw on social media. So retweet our giveaway tweet on twitter @myviolentlife or find us on Facebook and share it there (or do it on both for 2 chances to win you sneaky fraggers 😉 ). Giveaway ends midnight EST on Dec. 23rd. The draw itself will be sometime in the evening of Dec. 27th.

Good Luck! Also as a note if you already have Cutting Aces, feel free to enter anyway! We’ll get another similar value SR PDF into your hands!





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