Milestone Achieved!

It’s official. By the demand of our amazing fans and patrons, Redmond Born is now on a monthly release schedule starting in March! This is thanks to hitting our first milestone on Patreon. Next up, once we hit $250 you are in for a treat (and being at the $100 mark makes us almost half way there already!). A mini series about Payday & Eion will be produced in cooperation with Complex Action. This series will explore the dark truth about the events that drove the pair out of Seattle and back to Columbia. It’ll be narrated by Bobby and will feature, amoung other voice actors, myself in the role of Payday and Amanda Milstein in the role of Eion. Even more, hitting this level will insure we’re able to get a more diverse cast of voice actors and kick things up another notch! Thank you, for helping us get there!

This also means I’ll be commissioning an art piece for Redmond Born! More on this soon!


  1. Redmond born is the best thing i encountered in the whole shadowrun universe! The other stuff doesn’t even come close. So keep up the good work, and thanks!


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