State of the Podcast

So it’s update time. I was going to record a state of the podcast episode for you guys but my studio is currently upturned and not hospitable to recording at the moment. Don’t ask, but soon it will be undergoing a physical overhaul!

Patrons of the show have an idea of what’s been going on. We haven’t uploaded any content in quite some while and if you’re reading this you’ve probably been anxious or at the very least wondering what’s going on. I can most assuredly tell you that we are NOT podfading. Here’s a bit of an inside scoop on what’s going on, it’s my intent here to be 100% transparent with you guys and hope for your understanding. Truthfully, imagining you guys waiting for content to drop is causing me so much stress as I feel that we’re all in this together. You’re enjoyment of this show has been a constant source of pride and inspiration to me over the last few years. So to break it all down… though we’ve been quiet I think you’ll find we’ve been VERY busy behind the scenes.

Redmond Born: We’ve been having some issues here. Episode 13 has largely been recorded for some time. My dear friend Andy, who voices Samarah has recently been dealing with some personal tragedy that isn’t my business to discuss. I’ve encouraged her to take the time she needs and I know that she will be back for certain (Andy and I have been basically family for nearly a third of my life, despite living on different sides of the continent.) I feel that it’s important that she comes back to the character and the show when she feels it’s best for her.

Tales from the Stuffer Shack: Should be making it’s return in December. This was a scheduled downtime between season 1 and the start of season 2, it’s just too bad it was during a content drought. We will be back before you know it though and going ahead with the show that has proven to be Violent Lifes flagship undertaking… and we have some great things in store for you.

Left the Show: It is with sadness that I have to announce that Amanda Milstein has had to leave Violent Life for personal reasons that are keeping her from voice acting. This was a reality that she very much tried to avoid as she greatly enjoyed working on the show and bringing our first audio drama, the Vendetta Violent Shadowblog to life. Amanda has been my partner in this show from the start and it’s my secret hope that I might yet convince her to return one day for an encore performance when things settle down for her.

Shadow Bytes: This may be new news to some of you, especially non patrons. Earlier this year Violent Life began talks with Jennifer Brozek and CGL in regards to airing some official SR fiction on the show. This turned into a short story mini-series that will be written and narrated by Jennifer and produced by Violent Life. Jennifer is most known in Shadowrun circles for her work on the novella ‘Docwagon 19’. This is something that I’m very excited about and hold out hope that we’ll have something for you before the end of the year!

The future of Audio Drama on Violent Life: Once Redmond Born Season 2 closes we will continue to bringing audio dramas in the Shadowrun world to you but likely in special mini-series form such as you’ll experience in Shadow Bytes. This will allow us to tell more varied, shorter stories while Tales from the Stuffer Shack will take care of our more sweeping storyline needs.

New Project! Cybernautica: I am happy to announce a new project I’ve been working on. Putting my somewhat reluctant downtime to good use I’ve started work on some non-Shadowrun content. Though I love writing stuff for Shadowrun and doing Violent Life, I am at my core a creator. I’ve long wished to create stories under my own IP and this year I started putting that into action. If I was to try and sell the concept of Cybernautica to you guys I’d tell you to imagine a cross between Blade Runner, Altered Carbon and Bioshock. The world’s most powerful mega corporation has built a modular city on the sea named Neo-Atlantis. Heavy cyberpunk transhuman themes clash against genetic engineering and psionics in this dystopian world as characters keep up a complicated dance between factions often at odds with one another. All this while Kraken Technologies stands above it all, godlike and untouchable. I say characters because not only is this going to be an audio drama but we’re also diligently working on making this into an RPG as well. Go check us out on Twitter if this sounds like it’s something that you might be into (I mean I know you guys absolutely hate cyberpunk and all). I’m taking so many lessons learned here on Redmond Born and just running with them under a new IP that I have total control over (and the lack of borders is crazy invigorating… full creative control, man!)

This all said, it’s been awhile since I’ve put out any content on Violent Life. To my patrons, who I feel I’m failing… I’m deeply sorry. I don’t blame you if you decide that you don’t want to support Violent Life, it’s totally fair. For those who have and are sticking around… thank you. Thank you for believing in the show, being patient with us through this tough content drought and most of all thank you for supporting me as a creator. I’d like to think that Shadowrun brought you to us, but that the stories we tell transcend the IP. None of this would have ever been possible without past or present patrons and I do not at all expect you to stick around during this off season.

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