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Vendetta Violent: This Seattle rocker is many things. Rockstar, Shaman to the great Dragonslayer spirit & even an occasional runner of the shadows. She has released two albums under the synthcore shadowband ‘Riot Blue’ (the first being self titled and the second being the acclaimed Silver Sanity) and the recently released album ‘Freefall’ under her solo rock act, Mana Burns. Her successful Shadowblog paved the way for this Shadowcast and has previously done much to promote the artists underground status while keeping an incredibly close connection to her fanbase.

‘Monday Trip’ Dubois: Until recently, Trip was working out of New Orleans with the radical freedom fighting podcast ‘The Sightless Truths’. Following the assassination of the shows host, however, Trip reached out to Vendetta Violent with the proposition of transitioning her powerful Shadowblog to an audio format. Moving back to Seattle, this anarchist producer has worked closely with the rockstar and even has shown some interest in running his own segment on Violent Life.



Main Characters

Samarah: A homeless girl on the streets of Redmond, Samarah is the focal point of Redmond Born and the ward of a powerful spirit known as ‘The Hidden’. Samarah’s identity is first uncovered in episode #5, where previously she was one half of the nameless entity commonly refereed to as ‘the protagonist’. – Voiced by Andy Mallet

The Hidden: This spirit of Redmond has been in a state of dormant possession for almost fifteen years within the body of Samarah. Not much is known about the horrifying ‘Spirit of Redmond’ other then it’s strong drive to protect its ward. It is through The Hidden that the audience experiences the story of Redmond Born.

Swick: A street girl from Redmond, Swick is pretty and headstrong. She gets by on using her cunning along side her looks though she’s never had a knack for lying. Swick is the on and off again love interest of Samarah. She first appears in Redmond Born #1 – Voiced by Amanda Milstein

Jiffy Todd: A drug dealer and former ganger, Jiffy Todd is a well connected cockroach of an ork on the streets of Redmond, preying upon the sadness and despair of it’s residents. He first appears in Redmond Born #1 – Voiced by Bobby Frankenberger

Doc Benny: The Laughing Surgeon, proprietor of the Stitch-Fix. The unstable Doc Benny is rumored to have been a talented and successful surgeon before something made him snap and develop a nasty case of the giggles. Benny first appears in Redmond Born #2 – Voiced by Damian Szydlo

Slidestep: Veteran Street Samurai and ally to the Den, first encountered in Redmond Born #3 helping the Protagonist escape the gangers from the Stitch-Fix. – Voiced by Alex Baxter

Cordelia: Leader of the Den’s neighborhood watch (and thus, the highest authority currently in The Den district of Redmond) Cordelia makes her first appearance in Redmond Born #4 after Slidestep brings the Protagonist to The Brickhouse. – Voiced by Amanda Milstein

Jack Flash: An odd, distant and erratic technomancer first encountered while hacking the Tri-Tasker Hotel in Redmond Born #6 – Voiced by Patrick Gerrard



Main Characters

Mica:  An awakened ork and a thief who couldn’t cut it as a Shadowrunner and now works as a clerk on a permanent night shift at a Stuffer Shack to pass the time and make an easy Nuyen. Mica is played by Cassie (of the Sixth World Podcast, Emerald Grid & Complex Action Actual Play)

Augustus: The other half of the Stuffer Shacks night shift, Augustus is a dwarf technomancer who is short on drive and high on wanting to slide under the radar of the Sixth World. Augustus is played by Ozzkore (of Join the Anarchy)

Owl: A young man who hangs out at the Stuffer Shack hero worshiping those who work there as he desperately wants a job at what he clearly believes is the most wiz place in Redmond.

Dayshift Brad: An obnoxious bootlicker who works the dayshift permanently. Brad is a frat boy without a fraternity who loves feeling superior to others in whatever way he can.

Powell Sanders: The Boss. Mr. Sanders owns three different Stuffer Shacks and specifically staffs his Redmond location with employees that will cover up ‘issues’ that may arise.

Duce: Duce is a ghoul with an unfortunate nickname that lives in an old sewer drainage pipe under the back lot of the Stuffer Shack.


T H E  T A L E N T:

Damian: Has been an avid fan of the Shadowrun universe for over 20 years. Influenced and encouraged by listening to such podcasts as The Arcology Podcast and Neo-Anarchist Podcast, Damian decided to jump headfirst into Podcasting with reckless abandon and thus Violent Life was born. Damian is the narrator for Redmond Born in addition to hosting the informational segments on the Violent Life Podcast.

Amanda: Amanda C. Milstein is the voice of Vendetta Violent during the in-character segments on Violent Life (as well as many other misc. characters!). While new to voice acting Amanda approached this role with an enthusiastic vigor and a natural talent for doing what she does. She immediately took hold of the character, lending her voice to the characters rebellious spirit. While the Violent Life Podcast is an ongoing commitment and pleasure, Amanda is absolutely open to take on other work and can be contacted via email or through her website for other voice and gaming projects.

Prism Shard: The musical project of The Arcology Podcasts Mr. Johnson, Prism Shard is responsible for the intro and outro music for Violent Life. A huge thanks to Mr. Johnson and Vox for not only being the stand up chummers we all know they are but for welcoming the Violent Life Podcast into the community with open arms in addition to a helping hand.

A R T  O F  V I O L E N T  L I F E:

Eddy Shinjuku: The amazing full art of Vendetta Violent was the product of a commission placed with Eddy awhile back. Eddy’s done some fantastic work, you can check it out here on dA HERE.

Eppyman: Zack does some incredible Shadowrun art and is responsible for the Violent Life logo. Eppyman actively and enthusiastically brings challenging Shadowrun concepts to life and is openly taking commissions. See his work HERE

Sixth World Designs: Incredible logo from the artist who created our Riot Blue and Tales from the Stuffer Shack logos. Check him out and drop him a line if you need some work done. Cannot recommend enough! See his Corp logos HERE


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