Vendetta Violent is a Seattle rock star up and comer who has undergone a spectacular roller-coaster ride to recent success. Fronting the Synthcore act known as Riot Blue and most recently her own solo work under the name Mana Burns, Vendetta Violent is on the verge of touching the sun. Her talents include vocals, guitar (both synth and acoustic) and though not known for it, classic piano.

In 2072 Riot Blue was formed as an enterprising act assembled by famed agent Gatsby. Gatsby discovered Vendetta and quickly matched her with some other free agents he had been representing to form the band which quickly outgrew the small clubs it began to headline in. Shortly after the band recorded it’s first (and self titled) album with notable singles being ‘Inside’, ‘Contempt’ and ‘Blind-Fly’. The album was a striking hit and the passion of Vendetta Violents unrestrained voice was heralded as a “A gasp of air to a troubled music scene desperately trying to find itself.”

It wasn’t long before the band gained enough momentum to be chosen as an opening band for legendary rock icon Taylor Hardline at Seattles Psychedelic Pirate. This was not to be as on the eve of the performance before either band would take stage Taylor Hardline was brutally murdered back stage, tarnishing the name of Riot Blue to be synonymous with the event and ruining their first break. In the wake of this tragedy, Riot Blue was forced back into the underground music scene and embraced their reputation as a ‘Shadowband’. Vendetta Violent herself did much to further this image by starting a ‘shadowblog’ called Violent Life.

After extensive work on the underground circuit the band would eventually, by some stroke of luck be heard and promptly signed by the great dragon Rhonabwy in 2074. Rhonabwy would go on to say “Their music speaks to the soul.  It conjures feelings of rebellion, rage, and the willful foolishness of youth. The vocals are what have truly captured my interest. I have not heard such unbridled emotion in a voice in a very long time.” The greater catch was that the dragon had insisted that the band include his Silver Songbird on each of the eleven tracks released.

Riot Blue would be flown to Wales to record their second studio album, ‘Silver Sanity’ and regain the momentum that they’d lost since the Hardline incident. Their first single and biggest hit from the album would be titled ‘Surface’. Shockingly Riot Blue chose NOT to tour to promote Silver Sanity which just as shockingly only perpetuated the mystique of the album. Between Gatsby’s promotion ability and the involvement of Rhonabwy the album gained massive traction on the top music charts for months to pass.

Following the release of Silver Sanity, Vendetta Violent began to tour solo under the name ‘Mana Burns’. There has yet to be an official album under this name though many diverse tracks finding a mix of an updated Chrome Rock style of music with flavors of her more trademark synthcore Riot Blue sound have flooded the Matrix. An album is expected soon following her recent tour of the AGS.


Riot Blue (Self Titled), 2072

Silver Sanity, 2074


Vendetta Violent – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Blue Eyes – Keyboards, Synth, Back-Up Vocals

Lilith Moon – Drums

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