Been awhile, chummers. First words I’ve written here in months and I scrawl ‘em here like a sprawl. Not run down or worn out, not ragged and used but instead bursting. Bursting with rage, life and will. My soul is a riot.

Cuttin’ the quick, then. We’ve got catch up to do, yeah? Me, well I’ve been laying low in locations unknown and thinking about all of you. I’m sitting on a blood money bought sofa that ain’t mine with a cigarette in my hand as I let loose on this shadowblog through a closed AR feed. Only thing worse then having to spend time in a safehouse is spending time in the safehouse of someone you hate. But here I am dis-satisfied with my situation and for the first time in my life feeling a bit like a diva.

With that revolution of a revelation I figure it’s time for a bit of fun and I’ll slot you the play by play. Just gave a casual stretch and let the strap of my shirt fall off my shoulder in a bid for attention to the guy I’m sharing this room with. It’s a credit that I called him a ‘guy’ because my first instinct was to let rip a string of obscenity. This is the guy that nearly got me chained up tonight. Nearly got me a stay in Lone Star hotel. Now he thinks we’ll be cool cause he’s got a fancy dive to hang low in.

Yeah. We’re great. Just look my way because I want you to see me.

Pop one for the rockstar, kids. His eyes connect with mine and I smirk a shade shyly to him before sliding that strap back to where it’ll stay. I kick my feet up on a coffee table made of some rich wood that only moneybaggers like this guy like and I see him flinch. Maybe it’s mahogany, the table… even if it isn’t I’m going to say it is because I like the word almost as much as I like the look on his face. Good, ‘Omae’. That’s real good because you’re going to hate what comes next. Cause I keep our eyes locked and I turn my cigarette upside down to burn a hole in his sway, oh so apogee sofa. Flip him off for measure too as he scrambles to mitigate the damage and the smell of the blistering fabric.

Too late, choob. Cig burns are the worst.

So now that this guys acting the way I feel inside I can say I feel a little bit better. Better I guess… is all that counts right now. This is a canary cage, chummers. Fancy walls make a fancy cell and a song bird should never be canned. Makes you want to burn it down or at least wonder, right?

Wonder if this place would burn up all fancy.

#imback, #fancyburns, #rockstaroffgrid, #vendettaviolent

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