The shadows have a way of changing you, I’ll tell you that from the inside. You had these ideas on how you’d use them but in the end you’re a whore. You pimp yourself and slot into someones agenda. You get used. After enough of it you become professional and cold, a tool for a task. As I get better at this, as I learn how to get these jobs done effectively I look forward and I see myself in ten years (that is if I’m still alive). I wonder if the pro shadowrunner will remember the girl who was on stage, singing her glitched up soul out for consumption. I wonder if I’d recognize myself in the mirror.

Yesterday that changed. Everything… changed. Spun me on my heels and rocked me to my foundations (not that they weren’t quaked to begin with). I think I can thank all of you for it. Those who stuck with us in the underground. Who loved our dub and bled Riot Blue. We’ve been picked up and signed, back out of the underground and into the spotlight again. This time because we want to rather then feeling that we ‘have’ to make it. Opportunity is our bitch, now.

So should I blow the whistle on it? Tell you whats going on? At this point I doubt many know the deal but I’ll be fragged if I ask for ‘permission’ to speak my mind. Rhonabwy and his label is going on. We’re going to Wales to record the new Riot Blue album. Want to know whats better? Decided just now that I’m hosting a competition to select one fan to come with us. You’ll fly with us to Wales and live like a rockstar for a week before we ship your hoop back to the UCAS. Think you got what it takes, chum? We’re looking for some good old school viral promotion. Promote Riot Blue and our new album ‘Silver Sanity’ in Downtown Seattle in a way that wows us and submit it to this blog and you’ll be on a plane.

This brings me to one last entry and it’s a personal one. Rhonabwy. Did some looking into him. He’s a patron of the arts, probably one of the biggest in the sixth world. We couldn’t be more fortunate then to work with the dragon as our producer for the new album. But… Look. When he woke up, he killed alot of people. Count comes in at around 150. He was confused, woken suddenly out of hibernation… had no idea really the repercussions of his actions. A beast of another world unleashed into ours. Do you think that it’d be hypocritical if you… for example took another similar situation and put it up next to Rhonabwy and excused one while condemning the other… on nothing more then gut instinct. This kind of morality is confusing when you dig to the bottom of it and its’ been rolling around in my head ever since we took this contract. Is it time that’s forgiven Rhonabwy or his deeds from that day on? What if nobody had ever given him a chance to change? Would Riot Blue be making music with him? Why am I cool to bury this past without a second thought?

Frag it. Thoughts for another day. Rockstar wins over Philosopher. Time to numb it.

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