Hollywood is infectious, probably in more ways then one. Looking forward to getting back to the Seattle shadows. Until then, I’ve decided that in keeping with the LA spirit of airing out all your dirty laundry to the public eye I’m going to kick out this shadow-blog and see if it sticks.

So who am I? I’m Vendetta. I’m the almost-was rock-star that heads up vocals for Riot Blue. If your ears are to the ground, you’ve heard our stuff. If they ain’t, you’ve heard our name on the news in relation to the late Taylor Hardline. If your heads up your hoop you might even think that we did it. I’m not here to get into it. I’ve never had to justify myself to anybody before and I’ll be damned if I start now.

LA is different, you know? I remember the feeling when Riot Blue started really gaining momentum. We walked into our first real studio session and Tusk was finishing up. I looked at the walls and there were platinum records hanging on them. Hardline, Concrete Dreams and Mercurial. But it was what was behind the records. The faux weathered brick wall and fake graffiti. The suits were trying hard not to look like suits and the whole place felt like fraggin’ uncanny valley. If it weren’t for my blinding desire to ‘make it’ I’d of walked right out of there at that point. But I didn’t. We sold ourselves that day, if only just a bit. That’s the biz though, you do what you’ve got to do. We’re all whores anyway. That’s just perspective for you… LA is like that studio. The whole place is like that fraggin’ studio. Clean and fake.

Ear to the ground, folks. Person: 2.1. Watch yourself and burn your coms if this thing gets in. They got you hooked on this thing and now that you think you need it they’re going to nurse maid you. This thing tells you what to do and who to frag. I couldn’t be more out. You want that smoke? You want a sniff of your favorite designer drug? You like something not on Horizons corporate agenda? Sorry, chum but you don’t like any of that anymore. You can’t even SEE any of that anymore if you’ve got cybereyes.

So now on to Nightlife. Got into the End of the World club in LA on business. Fancy place, ultra exclusive. Those who follow the whose who on the trid know that the club is the nesting ground for celebrities. If you’re aiming to misbehave and you’ve got some stars under your name this is the place that you do it. Glitched thing is that the place is reeled so tight that nobody there seems to remember how to live or how to have a good time. Maybe I rubbed shoulders a little roughly but it was all in good fun and truth be told I had a good time enough there. Food was real wiz. Also, drek happens when you party naked, Blue Eyes. All of you can fill in the dead space on that one, needless to say our fame is going to need to outweigh our behavior if we ever hope to get back in that club.

Working on new material. Hoping that once we get back to Seattle we can put out our first full record out on the sly. That’s right, we’re releasing our dub on the underground ONLY. Riot Blue won’t ever be on the corporate slitch-list again.

Personal Note: Went back to blonde. At first it was me trying to change things up because we have mercs on heel who are looking to plug us for our ‘involvement’ in the Hardline situation. Growing into it. It’s my natural color anyway, nearly forgot how it looks. Went the extra mile here in LA and got it dreaded. I’m thinking next comes a designer tattoo or two. Any advise on where a girl can get some good ink in LA? Leave your comments below.

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