I’m alive and I feel it. More now then maybe ever on the wings of a private jet heading back on a beeline for Seattle. Rough one, folks. There were some close calls and for a moment I didn’t think I’d make it out of there. For a moment I almost could have given up. If there’s a god, kids, then remind me to thank him for giving me that stubborn streak. And magic. Definitely magic.

Strap yourself in for my most all over the place blog EVER.

Not a lot to post about until I hit home soil. Can’t talk about the job though I know you understand. That’s shadow business. I assure you that we didn’t make any friends this week though. I tell you what though, when I get back home this is my list of things to do.

Step 1: Peel these cloths off and burn ‘em.
Step 2: I’m going to spend the next three years of my life in the shower scrubbing off every inch of drek that feels like it’s become a second skin.
Step 3: Get some hands on me. I’m talking about the kind that you pay to work out every inch of aching, rebelling muscle. This girl needs some pampering that only vast sums of money can buy you. Also need some Sushi.

Then I’m going to get my hoop into the studio and pound out a track or two. Maybe punch out an instrumental dub even. What do you think of some old turn of the century drum and bass? Bringing it back OLD school.

So how has Seattle been? Lit the city up yet, chum? I want to get on the matrix when I get back and see some anarchy in relation to that contest I put out last week. Hope you painted the city with our name. This is an expiring offer that ends pretty much whenever we say it does. Lets see if you bleed Riot Blue!

God it’s good to be back. I’d fraggin’ kill to do some shopping right now. I look like a Janitor who’s crawled through hells trenches. Need to spend some hard earned nuyen. That and shoot a video… for the new track. I’ve got just the idea of who I want in it, too. Time to make some calls to an old friend.

We did it, Randy.

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