Getting ready for a new round, this time of the UCAS and Pueblo. I haven’t kept you in the loop and the truth is I needed the breathing space. Took a month away from the blink and flash of the media AND the dim anonymity of the shadows. I needed to catch up with the girl that I am underneath the nova storm. The one that lives between the burst of gunfire and the pop of a powerball.

Happy to say that I think I found her and that girl will be damned if the last entry in her blog is a glitched up story where she had her tits out in the back of a strip club. Time to light up a coffin nail and scratch the itch.

So touring. Used to be something I didn’t really get too jazzed about. I hear some acts go meat puppet when they’re on the road and life becomes a bounce between going the motions on stage and jamming groupies off stage. Never been that way for me… and now it’s an escape. I’ve got things, chum. Things you wouldn’t believe weighing down the heavy hand and dogging my step. That’s a press. Touring is a way out of it.

What goes into it then? What goes into the daily of a rockstar on tour? Well for many of us we take our ques. The manager calls the shots like a fixer. You’ve got appearances and you’ve got the media to juggle. How much depends on how you sell. That isn’t going to surprise many people. Touring for Mana Burns is a much smoother ride then when I’m on the road with Riot Blue. Mostly because it’s just me and the personnel.

That means Gatsby has to look after accommodations and moving: Lighting and systems crew and equipment, Matrix & trid support crew, security… one anarchist, pain in the ass rockstar AND himself. Sometimes across state lines, sometimes with gear and affects that might be objectionable to officials depending on anything that needs to be done while on tour. That sometimes means hiring a coyote if not to skirt problem areas but to just make time. To keep you out of the sharp end and just MAYBE get you to where you need to go with enough time to ‘spare’ to get to enjoy yourself a bit.

Hope that doesn’t ruin the glam of it for you. It ain’t all bad though. You get to see new places and big crowds who are there to hear your slag. You get to make quick guerrilla drop ins on after parties where fans don’t expect you to end up and drink your fill if you want to. The drugs are free and both the women and the men are easy. All for the low, low price of possibly losing yourself to the buzz of it all. Losing yourself to the static.

Is it any wonder why Maria got addicted to beetles? The perks are sky-high but the work that can go into it is a surrender of ones self. That said, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Don’t worry though… V’s got her head on mostly straight. Cross across heart I promise you the real me has got this under latch and key. That’s why I needed the month to myself, after all. Girl underneath has gotta keep the rockstar from smashing this all apart.

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